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Meata is the one stop destination to procure the best frozen foods and sea foods. We are an integrated producer and exporter of premium quality sea foods. We specialize in providing the best quality sea foods and frozen foods of premium brands with the best packaging. Our frozen snacks and sea foods are supplied to diverse customers including prominent restaurants, food chains, clubs, stores, etc. across the globe.

We are the renowned exporters for sea foods of various selections like Tuna, groupers, Mackerels, King fish, Emperor fish, Snappers, Anchovies, Crabs, Prawns, Squids, Octopus, Lobsters, Pomphrey, Cod and many more.

We make use of latest state-of-the-art technology and equipment’s to fish and provide the best quality sea foods. In addition to providing the best sea foods are also well reputed for providing the best types of frozen foods and snacks like nuggets, fries, vegetables, cheese and many more. Our ready to eat foods and snacks are obtained directly from trusted vendors.

The fished we procure are packed with the highest care and attention. Once the fishes are bought off-shore, they undergo a various quality tests and are graded by experts. After grading they are submerged into an ice baths to bring the fishes’ core temperature to around 1 degree Celsius after which they are carefully hand-packed into the insulated containers with ice and are then transported.

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- Quality -

We aim to give only the finest frozen snacks and seafood’s that have been freshly hauled and carefully packed.

- Standardization -

Meata takes pride in delivering only those standardized foods that have been graded as the finest produce.

- Packaging -

Hand-packed with the utmost care and attention we strive to deliver delicacies that retain their unique flavours.

- Affordability -

Discover your liking and appreciation for seafood of all kinds as we provide them at the most feasible prices.